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Music for Youth - A Collection of Solos and Duets for the Youthful Musician
  • Music for Youth - A Collection of Solos and Duets for the Youthful Musician

    SKU: YM801

    Music for Youth – A Collection of Solos and Duets for the Youthful Musician


    YM801  Score and Parts: $35.00



    A Musical Moment (E) A contentious piece for rival siblings scored for piano-4 hands.

    A Song Cycle (ME) For piano, flute and Bb clarinet. Based on a Japanese tale of Dango Daikazoku.

    Abendrot (MD) For piano solo. A reflection on the colors of the sunset.

    Anastasia’s Lullaby (ME) A lyrical piece scored for solo piano. A setting for piano-4 hands is also included.

    Bellendra (ME) For piano solo. Based on the name given to a favorite doll by a young girl.

    Dance of the Dolls (ME) For piano solo with optional second piano or C instrument obbligato.

    Erin (ME) A peaceful work for solo flute with piano.

    Festivale (MD) A vigorous piece with a Latin flavor for piano-4 hands.

    Hug O’ War (MD) For solo piano. Based on the poem of the same name by Shel Silverstein.

    Keira (ME) For viola and piano.

    Matin et Promenade (MD) For two trumpets and piano. Descriptive of morning in the park watching passersby.

    One Less Soldier Helping (MD) A plaintive piece based on a text by Willa Van Camp regarding the losses of war. Scored for viola solo with piano.

    Overture and Tarantella (MD) Solo cello and piano. A technical tour de force for the progressive young cellist. The Tarantella isn't really, but is a play on the name Tara, for whom the piece was written.

    Pastorale (ME) Excerpt from A Christmas Service for flute and oboe duet, with harp, piano or organ accompaniment. Flute and oboe parts may be played by any C instrument.

    Song from the Somei Yoshino (MD) For Flute and violin with piano. Reflective of the Japanese Cherry Blossoms.

    Spring Song (ME) Piano solo descriptive of early Spring.

    Springtime Romp (ME) A playful piece for solo Eb alto saxophone and piano. Transposition for Bb clarinet or other Bb instruments included.

    The Halkuon (MD) Piano solo. A muse on a period of peace and contentment.

    The Other Side of Erin (ME) A robust setting for solo flute with piano.

    The Sliding Rock (MD) For Bb clarinet and Bb trumpet. Descriptive of play on the waterfall in North Carolina.


    • LEVEL

      E = Easy;  ME = Moderately Easy;  MD = Moderately Difficult;  D = Difficult.

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