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Childhood Scenes, with Orch
  • Childhood Scenes, with Orch

    Childhood Scenes  (D) 


    Available for orchestra with optional narration. This work won the Unisys African American Composers Forum Competition, 1994, and was performed on subscription concerts of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. 7 movements. Approximate performance times: Music only - 18 minutes; music with narration - 25 minutes.



    OW703  Orchestra Score, Parts and Narration: $380.00


    Also availble as suite for piano solo, based on the composer’s remembrances of childhood. Individual movements are titled: On 45th Street, The School, At the Church Meeting, The Romance, The Baseball Game, Street Gangs, and Piano Lessons. Very picturesque settings with a slight jazz flavor. Commissioned by Richard Fields, pianist. Favorably reviewed in NY Times, NY Amsterdam News. A favorite of audiences nationwide.


    SP401  Piano Solo: $15.00

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      E = Easy;  ME = Moderately Easy;  MD = Moderately Difficult;  D = Difficult.

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